How Long Will It Take to Install a New Air Conditioner?

A new air conditioning system can be of major benefit for your home, potentially saving you a lot of money from month to month and performing a lot better than your older system. Today’s air conditioners have many advanced features and higher efficiency ratings than what you may be used to. The only downside is that the installation process may not be so easy.

Installing a new air conditioning system is a stressful job. You have a lot of questions, many of which may not be answerable just by going online and doing a quick search. One of these is one that we get asked often: how long will the installation process take?

The Answer Can Vary

Unfortunately, we really cannot give you an accurate estimate for how long your air conditioning installation will take without knowing your particular circumstances. In many cases, replacing a central air conditioning system should take less than a day. But this will depend largely on your particular situation, including how large the unit is and how difficult it is to remove the older unit.

Be Suspicious of Low Estimates

It can seem nice to have a technician who is willing to work quickly to get your new air conditioner installed. However, if the time estimate seems particularly low, you should be cautious. It’s important that your technician takes a lot of time to ensure everything is the proper size and is properly secured throughout the installation process.

In fact, we think there are a few more important questions you should ask. Will they take the time to properly size your new system? Can they inspect for duct leaks and provide sealing if necessary in order to maximize efficiency? Will they spend time looking over the unit to check for any safety or operational issues? It’s a lot more important that your technician spends time on your system so that you can feel confident that it performs properly for many years to come.

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