Types of Air Filters to Consider for Your Home

May 30th, 2014

Homes in the U.S. face a serious problem today with the quality of their indoor air. Because homes are designed today to maintain a strong seal against the outside heat (and from heat escaping), very little fresh air circulates during most of the year. This leads to air that is stale and filled with household contaminants such as dust, dirt, dander, fibers, and chemicals from building material and cleaners.

There are ways you can combat this in your house, however—and you don’t have to throw open your doors and windows to the elements half the day to do it. (However, it’s still a good idea to let some fresh air in now and then.) With the help of professionals in indoor air quality in Clarksville, IN, you can have special air filters installed that will clean and purify your indoor air.

How to get started? Call up AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning today, and we’ll talk over some of these options:

The mechanical filter

A mechanical filter uses a mat of fibers to catch and trap particles. The fibers attract pollutants to them, so even particles down to 0.3 microns will not manage to make it through the filter—this will account for around 99.7% of all the dust and debris that floats through your home. The finest mechanical filters are HEPA filters, and with their help most of the major pollutants that cause asthma and allergies will vanish from your home’s air. The filters will need regular maintenance to keep them clean, however.

The air purifier

Also known as an electronic air filter, these devices can affect the contaminants that will escape a mechanical filter; namely, gases such as smoke, formaldehyde, pesticides, carbon monoxide, etc. The electronic filter ionizes the air and then attracts particles to a plate, thus affecting pollutants down to 0.1 microns in size. They use electricity, but not enough to make a significant impact on your utility bills.

Standalone units

In addition to cleaners that are installed into your HVAC system, you can have standalone air purifiers that are sized for your home. These can be used for a single room, or designed to work for a larger set of rooms, depending on your needs. These units work well if you need to cleanse to air in a room of someone with bad allergies or asthma.

Although you can purchase some indoor air quality appliances from stores, most of them will not do a sufficient job, and they will not benefit your whole household. For this job, hire on indoor air quality experts to select and size and then install the ideal air filtration system for your home.

When you want the finest indoor air quality in Clarksville, IN, call the experienced indoor air quality team at AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning.

How Does Zone Air Conditioning Work?

May 23rd, 2014

The standard central air conditioning system that uses a ventilation network to distribute cooled air presents an “all or nothing” dilemma. Regardless of how many rooms in a home needs lower temperatures, all of the house receives the cooling power. If you are only spending time on one section of the house, you don’t need to cool them down. If you have rooms that only guests use, sending air conditioning to them most of the year is a waste of energy. However, there isn’t anything you can about it—

Stop right there. You can change the way you cool your home so that instead of doing it all at once, you instead have the house divided into different “zones,” each with temperature controlled separate from each other. Thanks to zone control systems installed into an HVAC system, you can control all the cooling from a central panel, or adjust the individual zones locally.

To find out how you can have zone air conditioning in Louisville, KY for your house, call the specialists at AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning today.

Here’s a rundown on how zone control operates.

The basics of zone control

The standard element of a zone control system is the damper. These valves go into the ductwork, each one controlling the flow to a zone. (You can decide how many zones you need; they can be as simple as one for upstairs and one for downstairs, for as many as one for every room.) The dampers can shut partially or all the way to reduce or stop airflow to a zone, which reduces the strain on the AC as well.

The dampers are each hooked to a local thermostat that allows anyone in the room to control the temperature. This is a great advantage since it means people in your home with personal comfort needs can find the right temperature for them without disturbing the comfort level of others. It also means you can adjust temperatures to fit a room’s purpose: slightly warmer for the baby’s room, cooler for a home gym or the kitchen.

Each of the individual thermostats hook up to a central control panel, located where the standard thermostat is usually placed. The control panel allows access to any of the zones and permits programming that allows the homeowner precise temperature control throughout a house.

Ready for zone control installation?

You don’t have to have zone control installed when you put in a new air conditioning. Professionals can retro-fit an existing installation system and AC to have all the zone control advantages. Speak to our Louisville, KY zone air conditioning technicians today and set up an appointment. AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning is glad to help you get the most comfort and savings from your heating and cooling system this year and every year after that.

3 Advantages to Geothermal Cooling

May 16th, 2014

People are sometimes surprised to learn that geothermal power can be used to cool down a home. But the heat in the earth serves as an excellent medium for a heat pump: a “ground-source” heat pump can both draw heat from out of the earth to heat up a home and remove heat to the earth to cool down a home. When you have a geothermal system installed for your house, you are making an investment for year-round comfort. You are also making an investment in some other major advantages of geothermal cooling, as we’ll look at in this post.

Not every house or property will benefit from a geothermal heat pump; the underground coils that circulate refrigerant need sufficient space to work as well as the right ground conditions. If you are thinking about having a geothermal system installed for your home, contact AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning.

We have specialists in geothermal cooling in Clarksville, IN who will assist you with all your needs for geothermal heat pump installation.

3 benefits of a geothermal heat pump

  1. Reliability: One of the reasons that geothermal heat pumps have become popular is that they do not depend on the variable temperature of the outside air as a medium for heat exchange, and therefore they will not suffer from drops in efficiency because of weather extremes. The temperature of the earth at the point where the coils are buried remains steady around 55°F, no matter how hot or cold the surface temperature is. A geothermal heat pump always has a ready supply of heat to draw on for the winter and a place to desposit heat during the summer.
  2. Energy savings: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the constant temperature source available to geothermal heat pumps allows them to perform at two to three times greater the efficiency of a standard heat pump, and this means a significant drop in energy bills to cool and heat a home. Although geothermal heat pumps cost more to install than most home comfort systems, they will payback their upfront costs in 5–10 years on average.
  3. Longevity: Few home comfort systems have the immense lifespan potential of a geothermal heat pump. The indoor heat pump section will usually last around 20 years. The ground coils, however, can endure for more than 50. This enormous lifespan means you’ll have many years to receive energy savings from your geothermal heat pump long past the initial payback period.

Geothermal installation is a large task that requires specialists with extensive training and experience. To schedule an appointment to see if geothermal cooling in Clarksville, IN will work for your home, call AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning. We offer straightforward pricing so you will always know the cost of our services before we start work.

3 Things to Consider Before Installing a Commercial HVAC System

May 9th, 2014

Running a successful business requires juggling many tasks. When it comes to keeping your workplace comfortable for everyone there, you can give the work over to professionals who know how to handle the needs of commercial HVAC. Call AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning to start off your installation of commercial AC in Louisville, KY for the summer.

Before you make a choice about your new HVAC installation, however, here are three factors to consider:

1. Fuel source

One of the initial considerations for any HVAC installation, whether for a home or for a business, is the fuel source for the system. Natural gas and electricity are the most common. You should investigate into the local availability of natural gas, which is sometimes a less expensive option depending on where you live. Natural gas systems can bring up safety concerns, so make sure you consult with your installer about possible hazards before you decide to go with a gas-powered system.

2. Space

The larger commercial space you have to condition, the more space you will need for an HVAC system. The dominant type of commercial HVAC system is the rooftop unit, which is a great option for saving space inside your workspace. They are also easier for technicians to service. Depending on how much cooling and heating power you need, you may require more than one rooftop unit. However, you can also choose a central cooling and heating system if it fits better with your workspace. Installers will help you determine how best to utilize the space.

3. Sizing

This is the most important consideration of all, since you must make sure that the unit installed will have the appropriate level of heating and cooling power to condition the workspace to the level you need. If the system is under-powered, it will provide insufficient comfort. If it is over-powered, it will waste energy and short-cycle constantly. This is the pre-installation task that needs the assistance of a professional in commercial HVAC the most. The technicians will determine the heat load of your business space to narrow down the size of the system they will need to install for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

It’s important for homeowners to have professionals install the right HVAC system to keep their families comfortable. But as a business owner, you know that keeping your employees, customers, and clients happy is essential for success… and that means professional HVAC installation is essential.

For installing commercial AC in Louisville, KY, you need look no further than AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning.

We have a licensed team to handle the installation necessary to keep your business a pleasant place for employees and customers. Call us today. 

Common Heat Pump Repairs in The Highlands

May 2nd, 2014

When it comes to performance, heat pumps have a different situation than air conditioners and furnaces. Unlike those two systems, which only provide one kind of comfort, heat pumps provide two, and therefore will work throughout most of the year. They take a great deal of stress because of this, and even with regular annual maintenance, a heat pump can still need the occasional repair to keep it in the best condition possible.

With summer almost here, keep a close watch on the performance of your heat pump. If you notice any possible malfunctions, call for repairs right away. You don’t want the repair issues to emerge during the summer heat.

For heating and air conditioning repairs in The Highlands, KY, make the call to AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning. We promise to repair your heat pump right—or the repair is free.

Some repairs your heat pump may need

  • Reversing valve replacement: The reversing valve is what distinguishes a heat pump from a standard air conditioner. The valve sits on the line where the refrigerant exits the compressor, and it controls whether the refrigerant moves first to the indoor coil or the outdoor coil. This shift in direction changes the heat pump from one mode to the other. If your heat pump will only blow out warm air when it comes on for the summer, you may need to have a failed reversing valve replaced.
  • Recharging refrigerant: Without the chemical blend known as refrigerant moving through the coils and lines of a heat pump, no heat exchange can take place, and no heating or cooling will come from the heat pump. Refrigerant does not dissipate during a heat pump’s operation, but leaks can cause the charge (the refrigerant’s level) to drop, leading to a serious plunge in the appliance’s power and possibly leading to damage to the compressor. Repair technicians can seal the leak and recharge to refrigerant to the correct level.
  • Fixing a tight or seized compressor: The compressor is the core of a heat pump. Resembling a piston engine, a compressor changes liquid refrigerant into a hot gas to start the heat exchange cycle. If the compressor starts to wear down from lack of lubrication or overheating, it can become tight and eventually seized, which will halt heat exchange. Technicians can often lubricate the compressor and start it moving again. However, should a compressor completely burn out, the whole heat pump sometimes will require replacement.

Never delay when it comes to calling for heat pump repairs. Any malfunction can become worse, and lead to a more expensive repair or even the need to replace the heat pump. Contact AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning for repairs in the Highlands, KY for anything that threatens your heat pump and your comfort this coming summer. Our Straight Forward Pricing Guide™ will assure you upfront that you know the price of our services before we get to work.

Spring Is the Best Time to Schedule Duct Cleaning

April 30th, 2014

The term “spring cleaning” exists because the season is a good one for scheduling many different cleaning and maintenance tasks for your household. The onset of warm—but not hot—weather after winter lets you open up your house for ventilation and the cleaning out of all the dust that collected over the winter months.

Your home’s ventilation system also needs spring cleaning. Contact a professional duct cleaning service in Clarksville, IN to schedule a thorough cleaning of the ductwork in your house this season. You’ll benefit in many ways from having cleaner ducts: lower HVAC bills, fewer repairs, a cleaner house, and higher indoor air quality.

Call AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning, where we have duct cleaning specialists who can take care of this important spring task. We take pride in the service we provide to better your indoor air quality and your HVAC system’s performance.

Benefits of spring cleaning in your ductwork

  • Lower utility bills: The dust that gathers inside the ventilation system over a year creates a layer along the interior thick enough to place resistance on airflow. This will force your air conditioner during the summer to work harder, and the stress will cause an increase on your energy bills. Clean ducts make the AC’s job much easier, and you’ll see this reflected on your bills.
  • Fewer HVAC system repairs: Congested ducts increase the chance of contamination entering the cabinet of your air conditioner. Dust, dirt, and debris that gets inside an AC will cause motors to run down faster and block the evaporator coil from absorbing heat. Without regular duct cleaning, you will probably end up spending more on air conditioning repairs to keep the system running.
  • Cleaner home: If you find that you need to open up your home routinely to get rid of a build-up of dust, then your ducts are probably contributing to sending the dust around your home. Professional duct cleaning removes one of the major reservoirs for dust in your home—and your home’s cleanliness will improve.
  • Improved indoor air quality: On average, a six-room house will accumulate 40 lbs. of dust and other airborne pollutants over only a year. The HVAC system will circulate this dust through your home and into your air, dramatically reducing your air quality and leading to breathing problems; skin, eye, and nose-irritation; allergic symptoms; and trouble sleeping. People with allergies will experience even worse conditions. You’ll make a significant improvement in your indoor air quality with regular duct cleaning.

You need to hire professionals with extensive ventilation system cleaning to do this job: it requires special equipment and training to perform it correctly.

You can find the right specialists at AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning. Call us today to arrange for your spring duct cleaning in Clarksville, IN.

Can My Air Conditioner Benefit from a Maintenance Session?

April 22nd, 2014

With summer rapidly approaching, it’s time to begin thinking about our air conditioners and making sure they are ready for another season of warm temperatures. If you have already turned your AC on during the spring, make sure to address any performance issues you may have noticed with a call to a repair contractor. But even if the system seems to be working ideally, you should schedule a professional maintenance session before summer arrives.

Annual maintenance isn’t just something that benefits your air conditioning in Crestwood, KY… it’s a necessity to make sure the system has a long service life with as few repairs as possible and maintains a high level of efficiency. We’ll explain the benefits your air conditioning system will receive from a spring maintenance session.

Call AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule the inspection and tune-up your cooling system needs to prepare for summer.

3 benefits of maintenance for an AC System

  • Longer lifespan: The manufacturer of your air conditioner listed an estimated lifespan for the system; most estimates are between 12–15 years. But that lifespan is only achievable if the AC receives routine maintenance. Without maintenance, most air conditioners will last, on average, only half their estimated life. Much of the value you receive from your AC comes from getting the most years from it; maintenance will keep away scheduling an expensive new installation years before you should.
  • Avoid surprise breakdowns: The last thing you want to occur on one of the hottest days of the summer is for your air conditioner to abruptly die and require emergency repairs (and sometimes a full replacement). Maintenance will keep your AC in its best shape and catch repair needs long before they become threats to the appliance’s operation. To avoid getting stranded in the heat, keep up an annual schedule of maintenance.
  • Protect energy efficiency: After a year of regular operation, an air conditioner will start to gather dust and dirt and suffer from stress on its components. Without the tune-up of a maintenance session, the system will begin to work less efficiently, struggling to overcome wear and tear and dirt-build up to reach its regular level of performance. This will show up as increased monthly energy bills. Studies have shown that after going only a year without maintenance, an AC will perform 20% less efficiently—and that number will continue to grow each year (if the AC doesn’t break down first). You can keep your bills in check with regular maintenance.

Spring is an ideal time to have a maintenance session on your air conditioning in Crestwood, KY. You will avoid the rush of summer and have the system ready for the first hot days. Call AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning today and ask about our maintenance program to take care of your AC so you’ll enjoy a cool and worry-free summer.

What Repairs Do Ductless Heating Systems Need?

April 15th, 2014

One of the great advantages of ductless mini split heat pumps is right in their name: the lack of ducts means more space, flexible construction, higher quality indoor air, and none of the cleaning or repair jobs associated with ductwork.

However, you won’t escape from repairs entirely by installing as ductless mini split system. Ductless heating and cooling systems still require occasional fixes from professionals to keep them in top operating shape; most of the repairs that standard heat pumps may require also apply to the ductless models. We’ll look at some you may encounter, a few which are specific to ductless systems. For heating repair in The Highlands, KY, make AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning your first choice.

AccuTemp offers quality installation, maintenance, and repairs on ductless mini split heat pumps that provide our customers with year-round comfort. Call us today to find out more. 

Repairs a ductless mini split system may need

  • Stopping condensation leaks: This is a problem that is particular to ductless systems, since they use multiple blower units mounted around a house, and each unit has a condensate drainage line that runs through the wall behind the blower to the outdoor unit. If this condensate line leaks or breaks, water will begin to pool between the blower unit and the wall where it is mounted. This will cause damage to wallpaper and drywall, and it may lead to the blower unit falling off its wall mount. If you spot moisture or peeling wallpaper around one of the indoor blowers, contact a repair technician.
  • Repairing broken blower unit fans: With more than one air handler, you have multiple fans spread around your home. These fans are smaller than those found in the air handlers of standard heat pumps, but operation failure still means that you’ll lose heating and cooling in the room with the blower. Repairs will help identify if the fan is damaged or if its motor has to be replaced.
  • Recharging lost refrigerant: Refrigerant has more opportunities to leak from a ductless system than from a standard system because there are multiple refrigerant lines that run from the blowers to the outdoor cabinet. Damage to the copper lines will cause refrigerant loss and a drop in heating and cooling power, leading to icing along the coils. Technicians will need to find and seal the leaks and then recharge the refrigerant.

Call for repairs from professionals

Lack of ducts doesn’t mean ductless systems are simpler. They have their own set of complexities that require specialists to address. Trying to take on repairs yourself, or allowing amateurs to attempt them, can end up making the problems worse. Start off in the right place and call professionals as soon as you notice problems with your ductless mini split heat pump.

For cooling and heating repair in The Highlands, KY on everything from furnaces to geothermal systems, call AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning.

Furnace Repair Issues at the End of Heating Season

April 8th, 2014

Spring is here, which means heating season is drawing to a close and homeowners are turning their attention towards their air conditioners. But before you dive full-bore into making your home comfortable for the summer months, you should probably address any lingering furnace repair issues at the end of heating season. Here in Prospect, furnace repair companies are always ready to help, no matter what the temperature is outside. The sooner you address any lingering issues with your furnace, the less chance it will have to come back and bite you in the future.

The furnace repair experts at AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning are ready to help fix any of your nagging furnace issues. Simply give us a call to set up an appointment.

For instance, consider a fairly minor issue: the build-up of dust and dirt over the winter. Dirt increases friction on moving parts and can clog burners to prevent them from working the way they should. It makes your heater much less efficient, which can cost you more than is necessary in monthly bills. A maintenance session from a qualified representative can resolve these issues and improve your heater’s efficiency to boot.

That same principle holds with more substantial furnace repair issues. In some cases (such as a problem with the thermocouple), the heater will shut down completely. For many others, however, the heater will continue to function. It will simply do so with a much lower level of efficiency: increasing wear and tear on the unit and costing you a considerable amount of money in higher monthly bills.

It may not be possible to address those issues in the winter, with freezing temperatures and a dire need for a warm and comfortable home.  You may be better off just toughing it out, paying the higher bills and keeping your home safe and cozy. But you certainly don’t want that to linger year after year, and the more time that passes, the easier it becomes to forget about it until you need the heater full time again. You may want to consider looking into a new heating system such as a heat pump that could supplement your current furnace, this is always a viable option. Addressing furnace repair issues at the end of heating season gives you the convenience and flexibility to schedule it at the right time without letting them slide. Here in Prospect, furnace repair services are the best way to handle lingering issues before they get worse. Contact us today and let us handle them for you!

Why Duct Tape Isn’t Suitable for Duct Repair

March 28th, 2014

The name “duct tape” is an unfortunate one, since it causes people to mistake the true purpose of this gray cloth-backed tape. Although people use duct tape effectively for many purposes, one thing it should never be used for is actually repairing ducts. We’ll go into where this confusion comes from and show you the best way to repair ducts.

Actually, we’ll start with the duct repair technique, since it’s simple: just call a company that does professional duct sealing and repair in Jeffersonville, KY and have them come to your home and use mastic sealing and or metallic tape to make sure you have airtight ducts. AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning has the right team ready to work on your ductwork repair needs.

So, How Did This Duct Tape Confusion Come About?

It’s difficult to pinpoint. Duct tape was originally known as cloth-backed rubber adhesive tape that started to see use in the early 20th century. During World War II, a new version was manufactured for use sealing ammo boxes. It became known as “duck tape” (yes, like the water bird) because the cloth used was duck cloth. Or because it was water resistant, like a duck’s feathers. Or because of the amphibious military vehicle DUKW. Nobody knows for certain.

It was the Melvin A. Anderson Company, which acquired the rights to the tape in 1950, that first promoted it for household repairs, especially duct sealing. At this point, “duck” switched to “duct”… and people have misused the tape ever since.

Buy Why is Duct Tape So Wrong for Ducts?

The main reason that duct tape is the wrong material to seal up leaks in ductwork is that the material does not hold up to high temperatures. Laboratory tests found that only one duct tape product out of 19 survived more than three months of an aging test on ductwork with standard heat conducted through it, and 11 failed within days. The heat degrades the glue on the tape, causing it to rapidly lose its adhesive properties. According to a physicist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where the tests were conducted: “Of all the things we tested, only duct tape failed. It failed reliably and often quite catastrophically.”

You Shouldn’t Try to Repair Your Ducts on your own, anyway

Aside from the failure of duct tape as a way of sealing breaks in ducts, duct repair simply isn’t a DIY job. Keeping your ventilation intact and free from air pressure leaks is too important for the health of your HVAC system and your indoor air. Contact AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule professional duct repair in Jeffersonville, KY, and leave the duct tape for sealing that box of holiday ornaments you plan to stow in the attic. Professional duct cleaning is also available for homes that need their air ducts cleaned. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment.