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Geothermal System Installation in Louisville

Geothermal heating and cooling systems can be used almost anywhere, in part due to the fact that once you dig down a few feet under the ground, ground temperatures remain relatively constant. The ground rock types, the amount of space available and whether you are close to large bodies of water will all assist in determining which type geothermal system to install.

Geological factors such as composition as well as soil properties and bedrock type can affect heat transfer rates. When heat transfer rates are high, less piping is needed to gather heat from the soil with a Louisville geothermal system.

Hydrological factors such as a good source of groundwater or a nearby pond or lake can influence what type of ground loop is installed in your Louisville property.

Land availability or lack–thereof will determine whether a horizontal or vertical ground loop is used. Additionally locations of landscaping, tree roots, and irrigation systems can affect this decision.

Louisville Geothermal System Installation and Replacement Company

Geothermal heating and cooling system installation in Louisville is something that must be handled by a certified geothermal system installation professional that has been specially licensed to perform this type of installation. When you contact AccuTemp Heating & Air Conditioning for your geothermal needs, you know that your geothermal system needs are being addressed by a knowledgeable team of geothermal system technicians. Let us perform your geothermal system installation or geothermal heating and cooling replacement, no matter where you are in the Louisville Metropolitan Area or the Southern Indiana area.

AccuTemp offers professional geothermal system services in Louisville and Southern Indiana.