10 Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality This Summer

10 Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality This Summer

Did you know that heatwaves often lead to poor air quality? Ground ozone level pollution tends to reach dangerous levels in cities and rural areas during summers. As the weather gets hotter and sunnier, many are wondering how they can keep their indoor air quality up to par.

Read on to learn 10 tips to improve indoor air quality this summer.

1. Install Correct HVAC Filters

Standard air conditioning filters don’t do much to improve indoor air quality. Standard paper filters were made to protect HVAC equipment from debris and dust, not remove pathogens and microorganisms that can affect health.

HEPA filters are designed to improve air quality and protect your lungs. They can trap pollen, smoke, and dust.

2. Don’t Ignore Other Filters

You should change HVAC filters along with filters in air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and dryers to reduce indoor air pollution during the summer. Be sure to clean the kitchen vent hoods regularly as well.

3. Use Kitchen Vents

Kitchen vents are there for a reason. Whenever you use the stove, you should turn on the exhaust fan. Make sure the screen is clean and not clogged with debris or grease.

4. Keep Windows Closed

Some people use windows as their very own indoor air purifier. However, this is not always a good idea depending on where you live. If the outside air in your city is filled with smog, you are better off keeping the windows closed.

5. Get Fireplace Flues Checked

One of the ways to improve air quality in cities is by getting fireplace flues checked. They can potentially spread carbon monoxide and should get checked by a professional regularly.

6. Use Bathroom Vents

Most bathrooms have an indoor air filter because of the vent. Yet, a lot of people don’t use them. You can wire your bathroom exhaust to the light so that it turns on when the bathroom is in use.

7. Don’t Cover Odors

Air fresheners often release dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs). To improve air quality indoors when you have an odor problem, you should find the source. Don’t try to mask the odor, try to eliminate it.

8. Clean Your Ducts

Cleaning clogged ducts can improve indoor air quality and improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. A lot of the debris in the air tends to accumulate in the ducts.

9. Try Green Cleaners

Many cleaners are filled with unnecessary harsh chemicals. Instead of using them, use dish soap and hot water to improve the air quality indoors.

10. Maintain Your HVAC System

The air that you breathe circulates by the HVAC system. When you hire professionals to keep your HVAC system maintained, you can ensure it is working properly to keep your air clean.

Improve Indoor Air Quality This Summer!

Out of sight and out of mind does not apply to indoor air quality. Even if you can’t see debris and dust flying through the air doesn’t mean it’s not there. This summer, you can improve the indoor air quality in your home with this guide.

We focus on OSHA recommendations to help homeowners have better indoor air quality. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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