5 Alarming Furnace Noises You Should Never Ignore

5 Alarming Furnace Noises You Should Never Ignore

When was the last time your furnace had a soundcheck?

While every furnace talks, sometimes the language is hard to interpret. If your furnace makes enough noise that you wonder if it’s at the end of its service life, you’re in the right place.

Take a minute and explore our guide to furnace noises. You’ll discover five sounds a furnace makes that should cause you to perk your ears and take action.

1. It Sounded Like an Explosion to Me

If you’ve ever heard your furnace make a banging or booming noise, you likely thought something exploded in the basement or utility room. 

Banging noises aren’t always a cause for concern. Expansion and contraction inside heating ducts often result in noise.

If the noise sounds like a gunshot, check the burners. 

Dirty burners cause an ignition delay, which leads to gas buildup. When ignition finally happens, it sounds like an explosion.

2. Is Someone Clanking Chains?

It’s hard to miss the noise of metal-on-metal. If you hear loud furnace noises that sound like clanking and scraping, it’s not a sound you should ignore.

Instead, turn the furnace off and call an HVAC professional.

You could have a broken blower fan. It’s also possible you have an issue with the blower and motor assembly.

3. When Your Furnace Rattles

The good news about furnace noises? You can troubleshoot and fix things yourself quickly and efficiently most of the time.

Rattling often means you have a screw loose (in the furnace). A loose panel can also rattle.

You and a screwdriver can fix it!

However, if you can’t find a loose screw, you might have a leak or a crack in your heat exchanger. Not anything to ignore. This requires a call to your HVAC company.

4. Ready to Rumble?

While a low rumble isn’t one of the most alarming furnace noises, you’ll want to check out the cause as soon as possible. 

The rumbling is usually caused by one of these issues:

First, check the color of your pilot light flame. It should be blue. If you notice a lot of red, yellow, or orange, call your HVAC technician.

5. Screeching Is Not Normal

Squealing, screeching, and other high-pitched noises from your furnace may not indicate a serious HVAC emergency, but you shouldn’t wait to troubleshoot.

Your furnace contains multiple moving parts. You can usually blame screeching on:

  • Worn blower belt
  • Dry bearings

You could also have a broken blower motor.

There’s one thing you as a homeowner can do to prevent hurting your ears with a screeching, squealing furnace. Regular maintenance!

Talk to your local HVAC company about scheduling routine service.

Need Help With Furnace Noises?

Now that you know which types of furnace noises should get immediate attention, you’ll feel more comfortable with the typical sounds a furnace makes when operating.

It’s time to troubleshoot when you hear banging, clanking, rattling, or rumbling. Furnace noises that sound like explosions, screeching, or squealing, usually need the attention of an HVAC expert. 

Here at AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning, we bring nearly 30 years of expertise together with excellent customer service. Contact us today to schedule furnace service.

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