5 Furnace Maintenance Tips for Winter

5 Furnace Maintenance Tips for Winter

Picture this: you wake up in the middle of the night to a home that’s so cold it feels like you’re sleeping in your backyard.

Scenarios like this are all too common because many people don’t know how to maintain their furnaces properly, or when it’s the right time to call and get information about furnace repair. 

Maintaining crucial appliances, such as your furnace, ensures your units are functioning at their full capacity. A well-maintained furnace can save you money on your energy bill, which is good for your wallet, and the environment. 

Avoid losing heat and stay warm and toasty all winter long by reading this article and learning five furnace repair and maintenance tips to live by.

1. Turn On Your Thermostat ASAP

Please don’t wait for it to get cold before switching your thermostat from the cooling setting to the heating setting.

Once you flip the switch and set the temperature up a few degrees, there’s likely an issue if you don’t hear that telltale click of the furnace turning on.

If you call in a professional, they will be able to assess the situation and let you know if you’re in store for a simple repair or not. If you need a complete replacement, they can also notify you and get the process started.

2. Change the Air Filters

You likely have filters that are behind a vent or in the wall or ceiling. Every furnace has one and they tend to get dust and dirt buildup quickly. So it’s essential that they’re cleaned or replaced regularly. 

This will not only help your furnace to last longer, but it can potentially impact the air quality in your home as well. 

3. Clean the Heat Exchanger

We work so hard to keep everything in our lives clean, but one area that’s often forgotten about is the furnace. 

Having a professional come and clean the heat exchanger can make a big difference. They can also inspect the unit for any cracks or signs of wear that can lead to dangerous leaks.

4. Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

While this tip isn’t directly related to the furnace itself, it’s still important to keep in mind when it comes to furnace maintenance. 

Be sure to check all of your carbon monoxide detectors and ensure that they’re in good working order. You could have an issue with your furnace and not know it until those detectors alert you.

5. Know When to Call For Help

There are many common furnace problems that people might not know about, from a loose blower belt to a blocked condensate drain.

If you don’t know much about maintaining a furnace, you should have a professional come and inspect it if it’s not working as well as usual, making weird sounds, has any visible damage, or is over 15 years old.

Keep a Warm Home by Keeping up with Furnace Repair

Furnace repair and furnace replacement are two things that homeowners need to deal with at some point.

Don’t wait for your furnace to stop working and leave you freezing, or let damage cause a potentially fatal carbon monoxide leak. Instead, keep up with regular inspections, maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

If you would like the peace of mind of knowing your furnace is in good working condition, contact us today

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