5 Signs You Need a New AC System Replacement

5 Signs You Need a New AC System Replacement

As temperatures go up, you want your AC system running at top efficiency. So when you need an AC replacement, you want it done fast. You want your new AC system put in by the best.

There are signs you never want to ignore when it comes to your system. Whether that’s inconsistent heating or loud noises, you can’t ignore the signs you need an AC system replacement. So, read on for five of the signs you need a new AC system replacement.

1. Age and Repair Costs

Most AC systems only last up to fifteen years under the best of circumstances. The systems work constantly for most of that time, and the internal components will wear out. When your AC system is that old, it won’t have the latest features and cost you more money.

Along with age also comes high repair costs. There comes a point of diminishing returns when calling the repair technicians to fix a problem. At that point, the AC replacement costs will be less than the cost of repairs!

2. Humidity

AC systems work by pulling the warm air in and cooling it, removing the moisture. Then the cool air moves throughout your home. This leaves your house feeling less humid.

If your house does start to feel humid, it could mean a few things. It could mean obstructed vents, clogged air filters, or a blocked condenser line. Regular maintenance will fix those problems, so when it still feels humid in your house, it’s time for an AC replacement.

3. Loud Noises

Your AC system makes a variety of quiet noises over the course of their lives. But when the humming gets louder and the knocking starts, that’s a sign that there’s a problem. You might have a blown compressor or a leaky refrigerant line.

At that point, it’s time for a new AC system, as your old one is on its last legs. A blown compressor is the heart of your AC system, and the cost of repair far outweighs the cost of an AC system replacement. Talk to your local technician about it today!

4. Strange Odors

Anytime you smell something strange coming from your AC system is a cause for concern. You need to talk to your local technician immediately if you smell a musty odor, or something burning. It could be as simple as dirty air filters or as concerning as mold inside the drip pan or evaporator coils.

5. High Energy Bills

As an AC system is on its last legs, one of the first signs is your energy bills rise. And as the system gets worse, the inefficiency raises your costs. If an energy audit shows how bad the energy drain is, it’s time for a new AC system.

Get the Best AC Replacement

Getting an AC replacement isn’t as scary as it seems. Keep an eye on your energy costs, listen for strange sounds, and your nose peeled for unseemly odors, and you’ll know when it’s time to get a new AC system. Once you’re ready, call your local HVAC technician and set up a consultation.

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