5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Most people spend most of their time indoors. But, did you know there are approximately two to five times the amount of pollutants in indoor air versus outdoor air? The air in your home affects your health in positive or negative ways. Therefore, you might want to take some steps to improve your indoor air quality.

In fact, improving your indoor air quality can help you avoid sicknesses and reduce your allergies. So, how do you improve the air in your home?

Keep reading this guide to learn about five of the best ways to achieve cleaner, healthier indoor air.

1. Change Your Air Filters More Often

One of the best indoor air quality solutions is to change your air filters more frequently. The air filter in your furnace serves several vital roles.

First, it filters the air entering your furnace and AC system, leaving your system cleaner.

Secondly, it removes toxins and pollutants from your air before circulating it throughout your home. The result of a clean filter is cleaner indoor air.

2. Use High-Quality Filters

Secondly, you should switch to high-quality air filters, as these remove more pollutants than cheap filters. You can learn more about the best air filters to choose before selecting them.

You can also learn more about indoor air quality services by contacting a company specializing in heating and air conditioning.

3. Switch to Natural Cleaning Products

Many people feel like they’re allergic to their AC systems, but this might not be true. If your allergies flare up when you turn on your AC, it might not be the AC causing the flareups.

Instead, it might be the pollutants in your home. One way to reduce the amount of pollutants in a home is by switching to natural cleaning products.

Many cleaning products on store shelves contain chemicals that increase allergies. Therefore, eliminating these from your home might help you improve your air quality.

4. Install an Air Purifier

You can also install an air purifier in your home to improve the indoor air quality. An air purifier removes the toxins, debris, and pollutants from the air, leaving it cleaner and easier to breathe.

5. Get an Indoor Air Quality Test

Finally, you might want to talk to an AC company about indoor air quality testing. A company can test your home to see where it stands.

They can also install an indoor air quality monitor to track the air quality over time.

Testing and tracking your home’s indoor air quality gives you first-hand details about its condition. From there, you can determine additional ways to make your air cleaner.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality With These Methods

Using these tips can help you improve your indoor air quality. The result of this will be a healthier home atmosphere.

Would you like to test your indoor air quality? If so, contact AccuTemp Heating/Air Conditioning. We service most parts of KY and can help you have cleaner air to breathe.

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