7 Symptoms of Having Poor Air Quality in Your Home

7 Symptoms of Having Poor Air Quality in Your Home

Almost 4 million people a year die from complications attributed to Poor Air Quality in their homes. The majority of these deaths occur in 3rd world countries.

This is because many people do not have the means to cook with anything other than solid fuels or kerosene and have insufficient ventilation. That said, indoor air quality is important in developed nations as well.

The effects of poor air quality on your health are disastrous. Read on to find out what causes poor air quality and seven health effects.

1. Persistent Cough

If you are a non-smoker and have a persistent cough, it could be one of many symptoms. Coughing is one of the symptoms of black mold exposure.

If you are wondering what is poor air quality, step into a building infested with black mold. You will instantly become headachy and smell the noxious fumes of this foul substance.

While mold affects some people more than others, consistent exposure to black mold and other attributing factors to poor air quality can cause a persistent cough.

2. Watery Eyes

Your watery eyes could be caused by allergens found around your home. If you still get the effects of outdoor allergies such as watery eyes a few hours after you come home it could be from indoor air quality issues.

Try buying an air filter to help clean particulate matter and other contaminants from your air. Your eyes may thank you by stopping their incessant weeping.

3. Itchy Skin

Indoor air quality issues can be responsible for itchy skin. From dust mites to particulate fiberglass, if you get itchy every time you come home and take a load off on the couch you could have poor air quality.

4. Confusion Is a Symptom of Poor Air Quality

If you have been feeling a bit out of it recently, it may have to do with the indoor air quality of your home. Confusion and disorientation are two symptoms of mold exposure.

5. Fatigue

If you have been feeling a bit lethargic lately, try opening a window to get more ventilation. Feeling sluggish and fatigued can mean that your home is not getting the proper air circulation and air cleansing you need to remain healthy.

6. Sore Throat

Indoor air pollutants can cause symptoms such as a sore throat. If you have had a scratchy throat for a long time and can’t pinpoint why, it may be the quality of air in your home that is responsible.

7. Insomnia

If everything else wasn’t bad enough, it can also cause insomnia. Sleep is the one process your body has to ward off illness and fatigue. Without it, you will not remain healthy.

Indoor air quality issues can disrupt your sleep cycles. You owe it to yourself to get them straightened out so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t Neglect Indoor Air Quality

If you have been struggling against various negative health effects, you need to examine your indoor air quality. Poor Air Quality could be the underlying factor responsible for a lot of negative aspects of your life.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of poor indoor air quality you need professional help. Contact us today so we can identify and address your air quality issue concerns. That way you can get back to living a healthy life!

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