Air Conditioning Installation: 4 Tips to Keep in Mind

Air Conditioning Installation: 4 Tips to Keep in Mind

Dallol, Ethiopia, holds the record for the highest year-round consistent temperatures on the planet. It averages 106.1 degrees Fahrenheit!  An air conditioning installation service in that area must be beyond expensive.

It doesn’t have to be, though, and you probably don’t need the most powerful system in your home to stay cool. How much does it cost to install air conditioning, though?

Well, it’s more affordable than most think. Before you reach out to an air conditioning installation contractor, you should consider a few things. Read ahead for a quick look at four tips to keep in mind before and during installation.

Size and Shape

Indoor and outdoor units differ greatly in size, shape, and efficiency. When working with an air conditioning installation contractor, these variables are important for finding optimal placement.

For outdoor exhaust units, you’ll need a strong foundation. Dirt and grass won’t work, as they can give way during rainy seasons and damage the unit. For centralized air conditioning, this can cause a myriad of disasters, like collateral damage to refrigerant pipes due to lack of airflow.

Indoor air conditioners are less of a hassle and often much smaller thanks to an integrated exhaust system. However, heavier units require stronger materials to latch onto if they aren’t a portable model. Consider a strong wall that won’t give.


Any air conditioning installation company you reach out to should understand how to optimize airflow. If an AC isn’t properly regulated, it won’t cool down your home.

You should have a balanced airflow rate for each environment’s needs. Larger spaces usually benefit from multiple outputs with wider vents.

Ductwork Material and Maintenance

Maintaining or replacing the ductwork in your home is an essential part of a proper air conditioning installation process. Leakage from old or damaged ducts can reduce the overall efficiency of your unit.

While the incapacity to cool your home might be frustrating, damage to a unit due to constant cycling will further it with unnecessary repair bills.

Thermostat Placement

While seemingly unrelated, thermostat placement is actually essential for a fully functional air conditioning system.

Exposure to the sun or even a lamp near your thermostat will provide erroneous readings. This will keep overwork your unit as it tries to reduce the temperature in your home based on incorrect signals from the thermostat. 

Effective Air Conditioning Installation

As you can probably already tell, buying the right air conditioner is just one step in the process to achieving optimal temperatures in your home. A proper air conditioner installation involves many other variables, making it just as important.

Unit size, well-maintained ductwork, regulated airflow, and thermostat placement are all factors that impact installation quality. If you keep these in mind throughout the process and make the right adjustments, you’re likely to have a fantastic setup overall.

You might be asking yourself, “where can I find a great air conditioning installation near me?” You don’t have to look far, luckily.

Contact us for guidance from the experts in the industry regarding installation, repairs, and more!

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