Air Conditioning Service: When to Call an HVAC Expert

Air Conditioning Service: When to Call an HVAC Expert

You might want to check when you bought your air conditioner, as they usually last between 10 to 20 years. That sounds like a long time, but there are many factors that can reduce a unit’s lifespan.

Letting it run all day, for example, is one surefire way to have you out looking for another unit sooner than you’d like. How do you keep it running for longer? Well, you could reach out for air conditioning service.

Consistent maintenance and timely repairs will keep your unit alive. When should you contact a technician, though? Read ahead for pointers on the right times to get in touch with an HVAC expert.

First Signs of Damage

Early identification of problems with your AC unit can save you time and prevent hefty part replacement bills. Some signs are quite obvious, while others require a bit more effort.

Hot air from your unit, when it’s set to cool, is one example. This generally means the compressor is malfunctioning or the refrigerant is leaking.

Another sign involves unusual sounds. Your unit should run quietly. So, if you start hearing something like grating or grinding, contact an air conditioning repair service right away.

Other signs to look out for include strange smells, moisture accumulation near your unit, and higher overall humidity levels.

Monthly Tests

Most homes don’t need air conditioning in the winter. However, it’s not recommended to leave your unit off for months at a time. Doing so can cause problems when you most need to cool off in the summer.

Testing your air conditioner every month keeps it ready for the arrival of warmer weather. A quick checkup is easy and all you need for the basics involve a thermometer and some free time.

To find out if it’s working well, turn it on and set it at a low temperature. Then, tape a thermometer inside and wait for 10 minutes. If the readings are accurate, follow the same steps for each vent and you’re set!

Best Season and Why

To avoid requesting emergency air conditioning service on a hot day, consider contacting an expert in a timely manner. The best part of the year to do so is between a week or a month before the start of summer.

This is to avoid waiting times due to high demand for purchases and repairs in the summer. Additionally, air conditioning service companies tend to offer better prices during the winter and spring.

Get Air Conditioning Service Now

The truth is, it’s never the wrong time to reach out for air conditioning service. Certain parts of the year are more convenient, but maintenance and smaller repairs should be dealt with on the spot.

If you’re still wondering “where can I find an air conditioning service near me?”, don’t fret. Get in touch to start the process, set up a visit, and find solutions for all your air conditioning needs.

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