Why is duct cleaning important?
Do I need to get my ducts cleaned?
Can dirty ducts make me sick?
Why does one room never get to the right temperature?

When using a forced–air heating or air conditioning system it’s necessary to have a way of moving that heated or cooled air throughout the building, so a ventilation system with air ducts is put in place. While you may not think about the repairs and maintenance of your ductwork, this system is incredibly important to ensure a well–functioning and efficient HVAC system. That’s why it’s important to make certain that your ductwork is taken care of properly by the trained professionals of AccuTemp Heating & Air Conditioning. Clean ducts can make keep you healthier and save you money on energy bills!

Benefits of Louisville Duct Cleaning and Maintenance

When ducts are filled with dust and debris it can cause a variety of problems. Ducts can clog at bends in their framework, which can prevent the heated or cooled air from flowing through to entire section of a home or office. Dirty ducts can also contribute to polluted air flowing through the ducts, making the air unhealthy to breathe. When you send filtered air through filthy ductwork it can pick up dust and particulates, therefore negating the filtration process.

It is essential for many reasons to schedule Louisville duct cleaning on a regular basis. During cleaning, a technician will remove dust, lint, pet hair, dander and a wide–range of other air contaminants from the ducts, as well as any sediment which may have built up in various sections of the ductwork system. This means fewer contaminants flowing through your ducts and into your lungs.

Some ways to tell if a ductwork system cleaning in Louisville should be scheduled is if you feel your home or office is not being heated or cooled as well as it used to be, or if certain rooms just never get up to the proper temperature set by the thermostat. With a proper Louisville, duct cleaning the airflow through the duct system will even out and the ducts will be more balanced, able to once again make certain that the right amount of air flows into each room.

Duct Cleaning Services of the Louisville Metropolitan Area and the Southern Indiana Area

No matter where you are in the Louisville Metropolitan Area or the Southern Indiana area, you can be certain that your duct cleaning needs will be handled by a team of licensed duct system cleaning technicians who have experience in all the complexities that come along with cleaning ductworks.

Let us be the ones to perform your next ductwork system cleaning services if you live in the Louisville area.

Contact AccuTemp Heating & Air Conditioning for assistance with not only duct cleaning but also for duct repairs and duct sealing. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you in whatever capacity we are able!

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