How Much Can You Expect Heating Repairs to Cost?

How Much Can You Expect Heating Repairs to Cost?

It’s started getting a little chilly in your home lately. Winter’s cold is settling in. You go to turn on your heating system, and… Nothing. Not even a puff of warm air.

You can’t sit there and freeze, so you give your local repairman a call. Now, you’re wondering how much this heating repair is going to cost you.

So, What’s This Going to Cost?

The answer, frankly, is that it depends. The average furnace or heating repair runs anywhere between $20 and $1500, depending on which part of the system needs repair or replacement.

If it’s something as simple as a replacement battery for the thermostat, for example, you may only get charged a standard service fee. If the thermostat itself needs replacing, it will cost you the service fee plus the replacement unit cost. This typically runs in the neighborhood of $200 or so if you have a higher-end thermostat.

However, if it’s something like a broken or fried ignitor, or a defunct motor, that will cost much more. Replacement ignitors start at around $300 and run-up in price from there. Motors can get even worse, costing over $1000 to replace if you have a particularly fancy one.

If you want further information about the average costs of the most common repairs or replacements for heating systems, check out this guide here for further information.

What Affects Heating Repair Costs?

Some factors can either help reduce the overall cost or drive it up even higher. These factors include:

Warranty Coverage

Did you recently purchase your heating system? It may still be under warranty. If it is, then the warranty should cover any repairs or replacement parts that you need.

Service Fees

Different companies will have different service fees for their technicians. If you live in the Louisville, Kentucky area and want more information about ours, please contact us here for more information.

Status of the Heating System

This means that the systems size, age, and general condition all play a part in repair costs. Older machines might be harder to find parts for. Newer machines might have computer boards or other more expensive pieces to replace. Machines that are not well-maintained will have more problems that need fixing than ones that are.

This is why we recommend having your heating system tuned up during the fall to prevent these issues before they begin. Check out our blog for more reasons why this is important.

Don’t Neglect Heating Repair

No one wants to deal with heating repair during the holiday season. It’s frustrating, it’s expensive, and your home can be downright unlivable until it’s done. So, if you want to avoid turning yourself and your guests into popsicles this winter, give our team a call so we can get you tuned up and on your way.

As we enter the holiday season, keep an eye on our website for any special promotions that might be running. We look forward to helping you!

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