How to Prepare Your HVAC System For Winter

How to Prepare Your HVAC System For Winter

Are you experiencing heating problems in your home right now? If not, you shouldn’t assume that things will stay that way.

You see, your HVAC system could break down at any time. And the last thing you want is for it to stop working in the middle of winter when you need it the most.

Fortunately, we’re going to help you make sure that this doesn’t happen. The following guide lists all you need to know about how to prepare your HVAC system for winter heating. Simply follow the maintenance steps on this checklist to enjoy sufficient heating all winter long.

1. Change Your Air Filter

Changing your air filter regularly is your most crucial HVAC maintenance step throughout every season of the year. If you don’t do this, the filter becomes so full of dust that it blocks the airflow of your HVAC system. This blockage will:

  • Put extra strain on your system and cause it to work harder
  • Make your heating and cooling bills go up
  • Wear your system out faster
  • Cause components to completely break down
  • Cause ice buildup on your AC and other problems

However, this step is even more important during winter and summer. During these seasons, you use your HVAC more often so your air filter fills up much faster. During these times, you should replace or at least check your air filter once a month.

2. Test Your Thermostat

Next, a simple problem with your thermostat will take away your ability to heat your home. You should always test your thermostat before winter to make sure all of its features are working. If it seems to have any performance problems at all, replace it.

Also, you want to do this to make sure that you understand how to use your thermostat properly. Be sure to program it according to your schedule for maximum energy savings.

3. Replace Your Thermostat

Speaking of maximum energy savings, it’s a good idea to update your old thermostat, anyway. You’ll save even more energy with a new smart thermostat.

4. Stock Up on Heating Oil

If you use heating oil in your furnace, make sure you have an ample supply for the entire season. Sign up for a heating oil delivery service if you need to.

5. Clear Off Your Air Vents

Both return and supply vents inevitably get clogged with dust. When this happens, it causes the same problems as a clogged air filter.

Be sure to sweep away this dust with a broom occasionally. And never block vents with furniture or other items.

6. Get a Tune-Up

Always get a professional HVAC tune-up before winter. This must be done each year during the fall.

Winterize Your HVAC System With These Tips

Don’t forget what you learned here today. Follow the steps above to prepare your HVAC system for winter. And keep this page bookmarked so you can refer to it each fall.

Lastly, don’t wait to get your heating and cooling system tuned up for winter. Go here to contact AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning and get the service you need right away.

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