When Is the Best Time to Service Your AC?

When Is the Best Time to Service Your AC?

Is your AC unit in peak condition?

Keeping your AC unit in the best working order possible is essential if you want to stay cool when you need it most. But with most of us using AC throughout the year, it can be difficult to know the best time to service your AC.

We are here to help. Read on to learn the best time for an AC service.

Service Your AC Unit Before You Need It

The best time to replace a unit or schedule some maintenance is before you need it the most. For AC units, this would be springtime. Here are the reasons why it makes the best time of the year for replacements.

Less Expensive

When you buy an AC unit or unit parts out of seasons, the prices are often lower. In fall, winter and spring, most retailers will offer new AC equipment with good deals. This is because the demand isn’t there, during these seasons.

Some AC contractors will also do out-of-season special offers. These can cover installation, tune-ups, and maintenance. Keep a lookout, as there may be discounts you can take advantage of.

Credits and Rebates

With AC sales lower in the off-season, you might get longer warranty deals from suppliers. You can guarantee these offers won’t be there if you buy in summer. So take advantage and enjoy even more savings.

Less Demand

In the summer months, there’s going to be a high demand for AC technicians and units. AC companies are often inundated with service requests, emergency call outs, and installations.

By scheduling your installation, maintenance, or replacement in spring you’ll get ahead. You don’t want to leave things until the last minute and get caught out.

With less demand, you’ll have more chance of arranging your appointment when you need it. If you wait, you’ll have the inconvenience of having to squeeze in whenever there’s space. If you can squeeze in at all.

You’ll Be Ready When You Need it Most

With your AC unit tuned up right before summer, you’ll be ready when you need it most. You can relax with the knowledge you’re as prepared for the summer heat as you can be.

No more worries about an inefficient AC breaking when you need it the most. No fighting to get an emergency call out slot in the sweltering heat. You’ll go into the hot season having done everything you can to make sure your home stays comfortable.

Don’t Neglect Your Maintenance

What’s more important than when you schedule your AC service is how often you do it. Even if you look after your AC unit, you should have your AC unit checked by a professional each year.

If you have a central AC or a furnace, service each of these once a year. If it’s a heat pump system then you should schedule maintenance every 6 months.

Service Your AC Before It’s Too Late

Remember, it is never worth waiting until your AC unit breaks down before you service your AC. During the off-season, getting AC repair services is faster, easier, and potentially cheaper.

if you are in need of AC repair services you can trust, schedule a service today with AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning. With nearly 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to deal with all your air conditioning needs.

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